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New gift for subscribers

I am about to update my newsletter with another free gift for new subscribers. From before, I am giving away the great SEO e-book called Search Engine Optimization made easy by Brad Callen to everybody who subscribes to my newsletter. Later on today, I will add another gift as well. This is a neat software that will cloak your affiliate links, making it a lot harder to steal your commissions and making your affiliate urls more professional.

I always use my own affiliate links, for instance like this: instead of some even longer url that has my affiliate id in it. With this software called SmartLinks, it´s very easy to get this kind of affiliate links.

9 responses to “New gift for subscribers”

  1. Ty Tribble says:

    Speaking of forums…there seems to be a problem with the format of your forum.

  2. omnipend says:

    Yes, I am sorry.

    I was really satisfied with the new template, but
    when I started to use the new Firefox 2.0 I saw
    that it was all messed up.

    But as far as I know it´s only messed up in
    the new versions of Firefox and Camino.

    I really have to look into that.

  3. Ty Tribble says:

    I see. I use Flock while I am browsing MLM Blogs.

  4. jens says:


    I have never tried flock. I will try to download it later.

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