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New Forum for Marketers

I have just received information about a new forum that opened for the public today. The owner is Russell Brunson and some top marketers have joined. I have no idea how good this forum is, because I have not joined (even though it’s free) and I am not sure if I am going to join. Why not join? Well, there are so many good forums out there and why would I need to join another one? Of course, everytime Russell Brunson is behind something new, there is some excitement in the air.

He is a creative marketer and there might be some very interesting features to this forum, but at the moment I will wait before I join (if I join).

Here is the link to the new forums:

7 responses to “New Forum for Marketers”

  1. Ty Tribble - MultiLeveler says:

    I think you are right about this one, unless there is a lot of interest in your specific company for one reason or another.

    I like to use

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