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A new direction in blogging

Blogging has been my method of testing. It’s been how I’ve connected with people, it’s been how I’ve been learning (and teaching), and it’s part of how I’ve been following my dreams. One step at a time.

Changing paths

I’ve changed my path many times, and changes, switching from one thing to the other, has been a big part of my journey. That’s something I’ve discovered during the past year.

A few months ago, I switched to a minimalist blog design. This has been the right choice for me for many reasons. I’ll just tell you a few, right now.

First; I’ve been hustling to make time to blog, even though blogging is still an important part my business. I have been involved in many big projects, and I can’t see myself with more time, at least not for the many months.

Second; breaking through the clutter. For a long time, I’ve been thinking a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) and I’ve been analyzing «everything» to get a better ranking for my blog. This is also related to time, but at the same time, I’ve discovered that I’m less creative when I’m doing all the SEO for my own blog. Creativity is now a bigger part of my new path.

Third; I’ve been away from social media more, because it always seems to be something else I need to do. It hasn’t been any big issues with my blog, no technical problems. But, I keep finding things to fix. Lately, I have been fixing close to 1700 broken links. It’s always something new.

No comments

Let me explain why I have removed the comments. If you read the three reasons why I’ve switched to the minimalist blog design and why I have been changing my methods, you’ll see that the one word that keeps appearing is TIME.

I’m not saying that I’ll be spending less time blogging. What I’m saying is that I’m trying to find a way to focus on what’s important. I need to be prioritizing things that’ll get me closer to my goals.

I have removed the comments. It might not be for long. I don’t know. The reason I disabled them, and the reason I removed them from all the old blog posts, is not because I don’t want comments. It’s actually a big part of blogging. I need to interact and communicating with my readers, but I’m now going to be more available in social media. I’ll be commenting on my blog posts and the content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, instead of on my blog.

You might think that this is not the right decision. Well, like I said in the beginning, change has been a big part of my journey and it’s how I’ve been learning. Now, I believe that this new change will help me grow.

More comments

Do you think removing comments actually can help me get more comments? Removing them on my blog, might inspire my readers to contact me in social media.

And, finally, I’ll have more time commenting on other blogs.

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