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New Company in Prelaunch

I have just received an interesting e-mail from Roberto Sicoli, he is an experienced online marketer, about a new health company in prelaunch. I am not joining it, but I thought that you might want to read his e-mail so you can decide for yourself. I asked Roberto, and he was very kind to let me publish it on my blog.

This is his e-mail and at the bottom you can find information about how to join:

I will try to keep this short, if you still have any more questions call me at +34 691 570-529 or give me your phone number best time to call and I call you.

You should have heard about Scotty Paulson.

2002 Co-founded Pro Image International
2005 Co-founded a new division and product called Fruta Vida

Both company still going strong.

For Alive World Wide he is not the Co-founder, he is the founder.

You can read more about at

there is also a 30 minutes recorded call on

the link under Announcement.

This is the company to go for Jens, please believe me when I say this.

It will have the perfect system for Online and Offline marketing!

Newbies will have it easier than with any other company to be successful, because of the compensation plan, the system and the product.

Big leaders are getting sleepless nights.

I know we’ve heard it all before, big names coming in blah, blah, blah, but this one is the most truly real one I have heard of in a long time and I’m a huge skeptic.

This is the company, this is the next big one, there are just too many big builders in this, and the only companies that survive in networking are product driven Like Amway,nuskin,herbalife,freelife,eniva,xango,noni,liberty,etc .They are product driven, without a real product I cannot even off the top of my head think what company opened last year that is still here today with monthly or
yearly growth without a product , can you…

They just do not really exist. To just login to your back office for months and still be excited ,it just doesn’t happen. People need product to stay focused. It is going to be the next giant. Most other health companies right now are just doing their thing.

Xango,noni,eniva,max,tri unity, etc when was the last time you saw three a./ds for them in the same week

People are ready

It is only in the USA FIRST, but other countries added in very quickly.

I live in Spain and others in Canada, Germany, Netherland, UK, most of the non USA leaders coming in are going to use, to get a USA address. Few do this all the time. Your product is shipped there, as are your commission checks and you get an actual USA address to use, ONLY UNTIL, the product is in your country.

Don’t let this sway you. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of any other big guys in the other countries, but they are all going to use this site, just to get in and get preplaced. No money upfront till we get our urls.

We are all just getting pre placed SCOTTY has a 14% Infinity Bonus attached to this I have never been in a company that offers more than than 3% infinity and the fast start, if you take this on and keep working it, imagine the fast starts 6 levels deep.
Not to get too excited, but Scotty sees what is happening , and Craig and the guys in admin are saying welcome to the million dollar club.

We can call anyone who you have interested, anyone, and we will continue to do this forever in Alive. Tom average of bringing someone into a program when he speaks to them is 8 of 10, he can go , if the person has the money to join a program , he has gone 46 straight on programs signing in people. The phone is the most effective way to bring people into a program but so
many just hate doing it. We love it.

We have the perfect team here already Jens, few leaders in our team are brilliant at e-mail support, few on the phone and I LOVE the Stage 😉

You must take a position now and be preplaced. and anyone who you can contact right now we will call them , if you ask them if they are looking for the real deal on an explosive team you will get them into Alive Worldwide. and the fast start bonus is going to be 55% ( not sure how they break it down ) but i would figure at 134.00 for the diamond position, that is roughly 74.00 so i imagine about 35.00 to 45.00 on the fast start for personals then the remaining 35.00 or so, divides into 5 fast starts Paid weekly

All i need to manually position you ,and anyone you can get to me, is your


I hope to have you on board Jens, and I wish you an Outstanding Holiday!

Kind regards,



His e-mail is: 123easy @

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  1. dan says:

    ohh sounds interesting…

    lookinng forward to knowing what happens. im also have started an online business venture.. there is so much to learn…

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