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New breakthrough commenting system for WordPress

I have written about the reason why we should comment on blogs before. I’ve written about the one reason why it’s important, and I’ve given you 12 different reasons in the past.

At the moment, I’m thinking about the importance of dialogue.

new commenting system

I’m in the kitchen, it’s early, and I’m writing a post that will be publishing in a few minutes. I know some people will read it, because I’ll look at Google Analytics, but I have no idea what you think, unless you tell me.

I have asked myself, why do I want more comments, and dialogue is the word that keeps coming back to me.

Dialogue is important to move forward as a blogger, and dialogue is important if you want to build relationships with your readers. Relationships is one of the most important elements of marketing.

But, a dialogue will help you go from a good blog post, to a fantastic blog post. It will help you move past good and ordinary, because in the end, your content will have the helpe of many brilliant minds instead of you alone. You’ll set the standard, and start the story, but once your readers start engaging, you have no idea what’ll happen.

And, that’s exactly my point.

New breakthrough commenting system for WordPress

I have just started to use a new commenting system for wordpress. I believe it’s a breakthrough commenting system, because it makes dialogue a lot easier. And, so far, it’s the most powerful blogging system I’ve tested when it comes to engagement (and that’s what I want to be focusing on).

The system is Postmatic.

I first tested it on Danny Brown’s blog, and now also on TheJackB.

This is a short statement from the Postmatic site:

Engage your readers at their own pace with 100% email-based commenting. The days of one-way notifications are over. It’s time to let them hit reply.

Postmatic lets your readers subscribe by email when they leave a comment. Subsequent comments and replies will land in their inbox, just like with Mailpoet, Jetpack or Subscribe to comments. Except now with Postmatic, they can comment back and keep the conversation going just by hitting reply. They never have to leave their inbox.

Like I said, I have been testing it on different blogs, and I think it’s amazing. I find it a lot easier to keep using my email to comment on a blog. I have read the blog post first, and I keep commenting on the content, even though I’m not visiting the blog every time I want to be part of the conversation. I’m not sure if it’ll increase traffic, but I’m confident that it’ll increase engagement and help turn a post into a conversation.

Your thoughts

This is brand new to me. I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

What do you think of Postmatic, have you tested it on other blogs?

Leave a comment and let’s test the system together.

42 responses to “New breakthrough commenting system for WordPress”

  1. Birgitte says:


    Jeg har ikke vært helt frisk i natt, så har vært mange turer opp fra senga. Nå gikk jeg en tur inn på min iPad for å sjekke mail før jeg skal prøve å sove videre igjen. Gikk inn på mailen fra deg, og tenkte at jeg måtte fortelle at setningenene hvor du skrev dette, gjorde at jeg leste endel istedet for å gå videre til andre mailer: I’m in the kitchen, it’s early, and I’m writing a post that will be publishing in a few minutes. I know some people will read it, because I’ll look at Google Analytics, but I have no idea what you think, unless you tell me.
    Spesielt starten hvor du sier at du er i kjøkkenet, det er tidlig, gjorde at jeg ble interessert i å se litt hva du hadde å si. Jeg tror det er pga at det var mer interessant å lese når jeg visste at du nettopp hadde sendt mailen. Føler at det er interessant å lese når det er små enkle ting innimellom som er lettlest. Jeg liker den forklarende “novelleaktige” måten. Tenkte bare å nevne det, siden du ønsker tilbakemelding:) Synes forresten at du skriver bra:) Føler fortsatt at det hadde vært godt å hatt det på norsk, men skjønner at du ikke har tid til det da, og jeg leser heller de gangene det er kort tekst. 🙂 Jeg følte også at mailen fattet min interesse med bildet av mannen. Dette fikk meg til å lure på om det var deg i bildet, eller om det bare er et bilde du har lånt av noen. Følte at det bildet sa mer enn ord. Grunnen til at det bildet fattet min interesse er sikkert pga at jeg jobber med kunst da, for da analyserer jeg ofte slikt. 🙂

    Ha en fin dag! 🙂

    Mvh Birgitte

    sendt fra min IPad

    • Hei Birgitte,

      Tusen takk for tilbakemeldingen.

      Bildet er ikke av meg, men det er et bilde jeg har lånt, og som passet teksten. Jeg liker også de korte tekstene, som jeg rekker å lese i løpet av 3-4 minutter. Men, jeg har merket at det er vanskeligere å skrive kort enn langt. Skriver jeg kort, da må jeg ofte se igjennom teksten flere ganger.

      Skriv gjerne kommentarer på norsk 🙂

  2. Pizza Man says:

    I am about to write my second post using Postmatic as my commenting system and am very curious to see if it performs as well as the first one did.


    Because my comments quadrupled and I saw the return of heavy engagement and dialogue on my blog. I bet you will find similar results.

  3. Danny Brown says:

    Hi Jens,

    As you know, I’m a huge fan and advocate of Postmatic, and I think you nailed it on the head when it comes to their strengths, and why both bloggers and readers will benefit from it.

    Why do we enjoy going to a pub with our friends? Why do we enjoy social media? Why do we enjoy dinner parties? Because we meet new people and/or take part in varied conversations. And it’s magical when these happen, because they keep us alive to all that’s around us.

    Postmatic is in that bucket, and it’s the best system I’ve used. Look forward to seeing how your readers find the experience.

    • Hi Danny,

      Postmatic is even better than I first thought. Jason has been incredible and helping me while I was on a trip to Sweden. It’s so much easier to be part of a conversation now than before, and hopefully all my readers will have the same experience.

      Already, I can see how the conversation / the blog post is evolving. It starts with the blog posts and ends up with something much more interesting.

      Thanks again for suggesting that I should make the switch. Now, it’s time to upgrade and support Postmatic with some $

      • Friend says:

        Hey there Jens,

        Great to hear, mate. And, yes, completely agree – once people get around the initial “weirdness” of using email to comment on a blog that lives externally to that email itself, it becomes second nature.

        I used Livefyre for three years, and never thought I’d switch. But I heard from my readers and subscribers that Livefyre could come across as hard to understand, for some anyway. So, based on further analysis, back to native (or at least, wpDiscuz that I’m using now in conjunction with Postmatic).
        And since going that route and being able to install Postmatic because of it? Commenting is FUN again, and it feels like the heady days of blogging again.

        Which, for any blogger, is all you can ask for. Having seen what Postmatic has coming down the line with regards comments, I think people are going to be blown away. 🙂

        • I absolutely agree. I have tested Disqus and Livefyre and I really enjoyed using both, but there was something missing. For instance, it was hard to comment using a mobile phone. And many of my readers told me that it was difficult to log in/register or that they didn’t want to use a new system to comment.

          wpDiscuz was messing up Postmatic for me, it might have been something with the settings. Not sure what it was, but Jason fixed it by disabling wpDiscuz. I’d really like the way your blog looks with wpDiscuz, but I’ll wait for Postmatic to come up with an alternative in a few weeks.

          • Friend says:

            Oh, don’t worry, I have more than my fair share of issues with wpDiscuz, with more than just one plugin conflict. The only reason I’m not on true native at the moment is my theme’s native comment styling isn’t the greatest.

            I hear you on the Disqus mobile issue – the amount of times I get a little grey spinning wheel and the “Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual to load” message when on mobile… grrrr….

      • Jason Lemieux says:


        Thanks to you for taking a gamble on a new idea. We’re delighted to have your community on board and your upgrade dollars are very much appreciated. Cheers!


  4. Bethany Lee says:

    Wonderful! I love this because oftentimes I want to comment but many blogs make you log in and that’s time consuming. Simply hitting reply is fantastic! See, I’m a regular reader of your blog but don’t comment very often. Now I am. AND, I downloaded this for my own blog! Thanks for sharing this. 

  5. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Jens

    I’m going to give Postmatic a go on my blog as well. I’m going to set something up next week.

    Danny made a great point that replying to a comment by email on a mobile phone is so much easier than trying to load up a website.

    Just wondering what you’re planning to do in terms of email marketing? Are you going to use Postmatic as a complement to the AWebers and GetResponses of this world or just use Postmatic?

    I’m not sure how Postmatic works in terms of email marketing. I still want to offer a free gift for subscribing and do follow up autoresponders. Something I need to find out more about.

    Great that Postmatic now works with Magic Action Box. That’s awesome!

    • Hey Tim,

      I had some minor issues with Postmatic today. It was my first post after I installed it, and the issues was because of a different plugin. But, Jason the CEO at Postmatic is brilliant and helped me with everything (even while I was on a trip to Sweden). The customer service is reason enough to make the switch.

      I am very satisfied so far. This is what I have been waiting for.

      I haven’t thought about what I’ll be doing with Getresponse yet. At the moment I’ve been sending notifications when I’ve written a new post, but like you, I should be using it sending free gifts and building a stronger relationship with people on my list. At the moment I’m focusing on Postmatic and creating engagement on my blog and I’ll see what’ll happen there first, and I’ll go from there.

      Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  6. Lisa Sicard says:

    Jens, this system does look great. If you make the switch do you lose all your comment luv comments from the past? Can you use both systems at once? I noticed you received quite a bit more comments too 🙂
    I like the interface with email.
    Thanks for sharing and will be thinking about this one.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I really like it, and I’m glad you do to. I switched from Disqus and all the comments was imported to my blog. I don’t think that it will be a problem for CommentLuv either. The support is awesome. They have just launched it and it seems that they have many new features that they are working on as well.

      • Jason Lemieux says:

        Both Postmatic and Commentluv use native WordPress commenting and are totally compatible. You can even run both at the same time.

        We may look at doing deeper integrations together in the near future as well.

        Best, Jason

  7. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, Postmatic sounds like a great solution for you. I hope that this helps drive more traffic to your site and gives you more comments. Your blog is fantastic and you deserve the best!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I really like Postmatic. I have only been using it for a few days, but so far I’m very satisfied with it. It’s so much easier to comment by using email, even if it might not drive more traffic to my site or give me more comments. It’s just a much better way for me to engage with my readers.

      Thank you so much for your feedback and your nice words.

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