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This is a new approach to get your information

I received information about a new interesting site today. Can´t even remember what the e-mail said, but it was probably something about me having to submit my contact information to receive the most important information ever. This information will make me [tag]rich[/tag], or something like that.

Well, if we disregard the information on the site and the e-mail that I received, this is a new approach that I really liked.

When you visit the site, you get just a little information, and then they tell you that you have 180 seconds to decide whether you want the information or not (you have to submit your contact information in 180 seconds) or the site will self-destruct/disappear.

This is sort of Mission Impossible and James Bond 🙂

I had to wait the 180 seconds just to see, and it did self-destruct. But just refresh the site and you can start all over again and submit your information if that´s what you want.

The site is:

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