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New and Interesting Ads From a Millionaire

I’ve just watched the brand new ad system from “Blogging to the Bank” millionaire Rob Benwell and his partner Steven Tenpenny. The system is Slide In Ad, and in a way, it’s similar to pop over ads and slide up ads.

I’m asking myself the following question; is this system better, converts more sales and is less intrusive, than pop over ads and slide up ads?

According to the sales page “you can increase your opt-ins and revenue over 274% within 6 minutes.” That’s probably true, but on the other hand, will people enjoy this new “in your face” advertisement?

To be honest with you, obviously I’ve just been watching the ads for a short while, since it was launched earlier today. But so far, I find them less intrusive than other similar ads. They slide in from the side, and they don’t block any of the content, at least from what I can see from their demo. And, it’s grabbing my attention.

Although this is just a short and quick note about the latest system from Rob Benwell, I think it’s obvious why he’s making millions. The system seems to be a step up when it comes to creating attention grabbing ads or opt-in forms.

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