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New Amazing Plan from Affiliate Silver Bullet

I have just received the news from Dustin Struckman; Affiliate Siilver Bullet will be completely different starting tomorrow.

You probably remember that as a member you would get 10 very cool landing pages (bullets) each month, with 5 professionally written e-mail follow ups. This will all change, and I think for the better, even though I was very satisfied with the “old” Affiliate Silver Bullet system.

Just look at the new features, and tell me what you think (this is the text I received from Dustin Struckman, the owner and creator of Affiliate Silver Bullet):

Dear Affiliate Silver Bullet Member,

After careful consideration and review of the feedback I’ve received from you, I’ve decided to completely redesign The Affiliate Silver Bullet System. I know you’re going to be extremely excited about thes changes, so read on…

First, let me assure you that any marketing you already have in place will not be affected by these changes – the existing system will continue to function exactly the same way. But a majority of the feedback we’ve been receiving is that most of you don’t know how to do the marketing in the first place. And that’s one of the reasons for these changes.

A lot of you have also told us that you’re confused about uploading, downloading, commissions, payments and even just the basics of how the system works. These are the other reasons for the changes I’m about to share with you.

The New ASB System is 110% Automated and 100% Easier to use. Here’s the skinny:
1. NEW Feature: Focus & Followup – Instead of trying to build 10 new lists every month, we will focus on one “power list”. This is the “Internet Marketing Genius” newsletter, and we will create and provide all the content for you subscribers at no charge to you, as part of your membership.

Benefits: This will allow us to produce a ton of great content for your subscribers and build a real relationship with them, by giving them ongoing, free, high-quality content. We’re going to be creating videos, tutorials and guru interviews on the blog in addition to the regular newsletter content. Developing this relationship is what’s going to drive the sales of products we recommend.

It will also allow us to marketing multiple products to the same subscriber. So instead of having just 5 changes to sell them only 1 product, you’ll have a virtually unlimited number of changes to sell them multiple products. It takes time, effort and money to get someone on your list, and once they’re on it you want to maximize the return for your efforts.

So we’ll be building good will by delivering great free content and training, and then promoting multiple products to your subscribers over a long period of time. This way, if they aren’t interested in the first product, they may be interested in the second, third, forth and so on.

This strategy will be much more effective in producing long-term results for you!

2. NEW Feature: Free Leads – We’re going to take a portion of our monthly revenues and invest it into advertising *for you* to build your list!

Benefit: Because we can invest larger dollar amounts we’ll be able to leverage what’s known as “economies of scale” to get much more advertising per dollar than you could on your own. By doing this we can send a lot of traffic to the Squeeze Pages and share the leads generated with you.

Of course you are encouraged to promote the newsletter yourself, but you will get subscribers coded to you even if you do nothing at all to promote the system on your own! And as long as you remain an active member, all sales made to these free leads will be credited to you.

We will be doing ALL the work and you will be receiving all the benefit! We’re pretty excited about this new plan and hope you are, too. 😉

3. NEW Feature: Global Testing – We will constantly test the Squeeze Pages, mini-sites, emails, etc to maximize conversion for you.

Benefits: By focusing on just one list, we can test all aspects of the campaigns and make sure all your efforts and investments are producing the best possible results for you. Ultimately this means more money to you for the same effort.

4. NEW Feature: Universal Commissions – In the new system we will be able to sell products from any network or independent affiliate program.

Benefits: You will no longer be limited to ClickBank products. Instead we can sell any product available Online. This will give us the freedom to seek out the best products and services to offer to your subscribers. We can even participate in one-time special promotions and launches, which pay commissions of up to $1,000! The result is more and bigger commissions for you.

In addition, you no longer need a ClickBank account or any affiliation with the product we will sell. Instead you’ll get a single universal commission payment from us each month – deposited directly into your PayPal account. We’ll track everything for you and make sure you get credit for all sales from your referrals, as well as from the free leads we generate for you. It’s totally automated and hands-free for you.

You’ll be able see complete stats on everything at any time including: clicks, subscribers, sales and commissions – all from right inside the Affiliate Silver Bullet Members Area.

5. NEW Feature: Marketing Tools – We will be providing you with more and more marketing tools each month.

Benefits: Without the need to produce 10 new Silver Bullets each month, we can focus on developing a comprehensive set of marketing tools and training for you. This way if you want to promote you will build your list even faster! And with the tools we’ll be creating, you will know exactly how to do it. This training will be worth more than your entire monthly membership!

So, what do you think about the new Affiliate Silver Bullet starting tomorrow?

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  1. Jens says:

    Hey Sergey

    Thanks. I have just read the article and it was great.

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