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Never write any of your contents again

Today I received yet another email about a system where you can get all the contents you need for your site or your newsletter. This way you never have to write any of your contents again, just click and publish it, it seems that what it does is to grab contents from sort of database and rewrites it or something – I am not really sure.

I have received a lot of offers just like the one I received today, and I have looked at a few of them just to see what they were all about. Even though they might be really good, and the system might work, but I don´t believe in publishing a site or newsletter without actually writing your own contents. If I publish it, I would at least want to read everything before I do, and that might take a lot of time as well and I would have to find the right article too. You don´t just publish anything on your site or in your newsletter, just because it´s an article that you´ve found in some database.

I am very sceptical to systems that provides you with your contents, but I have never bought any and I haven´t seen what they offer other than their salepages. It would be interesting to actually see a site with contents from system like that, just to see how good it really is – but what would happen if a lot of people bought the same system, would they eventually get identical contents as well?

My advice is to stay away from systems like that. I am not going to buy one.

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