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The Naked Blogger

I am not sure how I came up with the idea, but I think it’s an interesting one and I might even try it sometime soon. I think that this idea might help me become more creative.

Let’s blog naked

You might think that this sounds weird, and it probably is.

But let me try to explain my thoughts.

If you blog naked, you will probably become a little anxious. If you live alone, it might not be such a big thing, but if you are not alone it will probably be different. I guess that you don’t want other people to see that you are sitting in front of the computer while you are naked. It both sounds and looks a little weird.

… and because you are a little anxious, you might feel a little stressed and while you are working under some kind of tension, I think that you might be more productive as well.

If you blog naked, and I assume that you don’t do that all the time, it will feel unnatural and different. Because the situation is different, the results will probably be different, the results will be original.

If you are naked, you might get a different perspective on things. I am not saying that you might think of sex and nudity and that this will help you be more creative, but you might get thoughts that are different.

To try and write naked would probably be a great thing for authors / bloggers with the famous writer’s block.

If you have no clue of what to write about, being naked in front of your computer might help.

If you have problems coming up with creative content, I would try and sit naked in front of your computer.

You remember the naked chef, now it’s time for the naked blogger… (but remember, I am not saying that you should tell anyone that you are naked or that you should post pictures of yourself while blogging).

What do you think, would it be to weird or would it work?

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