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The Mystery Expert Marketing Strategy

A few days ago I descibed how you can use The Riddle as a Marketing Strategy, today I am using more of the same tactic, but instead of a riddle, I am introducing the mystery expert.

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This strategy tells your prospects that you’re not revealing a guru’s name, a guru who is somehow related to your product or presentation. He or she may have contributed to your product, endorsed your product or helped present (a teleseminar guest) your product.

One way to use this marketing strategy is when you are telling your prospects about your product, you could use 2 to 3 blanks for the name of the expert _____ _____ and then list all their credentials. I think that most people will be curious about who this expert could be. What do you think?

If your mystery expert is really famous, you could tell your prospects that they have heard of him or her. If your expert is new on the scene, you could tell them that he or she is brand new to the (the name of your niche) world or they work behind the scenes.

You should reveal as much information about the mystery expert as possible, but you should always leave your prospects guessing. If they are guessing, they are curious, and when they are curious, they are more likely to buy your product.

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