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Mysteries of the Bathroom Solved

It’s dark, not outside, but in the room where I’m currently located. Once again, I’m listening to music. This time it’s the sound of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I’m not sure why, but listening to their songs Face Down and Your Guardian Angel makes me think of the bathroom mysteries.

I know two people, they’re very different. On the other hand, they’re not.

Whenever I’m at the bathroom I know who’s been there. If it smells of flowers, or if I can see a flower bucket, I don’t have to guess. I know who.

Whenever I’m at the bathroom and I see lots of water; on the bathroom floor, or small toys drowning in water in the sink or in the toilet, I don’t have to guess. I know who’s been there.

The mysteries of the bathroom is not about who.

We’re different. We all are.

You and I, we might have something in common though. It might be the love for animals, it might be what we enjoy eating, or the adventures of Internet marketing. I bet, if we look really close, we have something in common. On the other hand, we’re all different as well.

If you’ve read this far, your next question is probably this one:

What does the bathroom mystery have to do with marketing?

Listening to the music, and thinking about what happens in the bathroom made me realize something.

We know that we’re all different, even our closest friends and relatives are different from us when it comes to various things.

When it comes to marketing, we could try to make them be just like us, make them enjoy what we enjoy or we could try to become similar to them.

But that’s not what I’m saying. Not at all.

Think of what happens in the bathroom, the flowers and the water.

The bathroom is still a bathroom, no matter if my wife loves flowers, or my son loves to drown toys. We can do whatever we’d like in the bathroom, we can decorate and design, but in the end, we’re still going to take a shower, and use the toilet. That’s the purpose of a bathroom. Not the flowers, not the drowning of the toys.

There are always going to be a possibility for people to use products and services in a different way. But whatever you’re selling, you should make it easy to understand why people really need to buy it and how they should use it.

Think of Apple’s brand new iPad.

People could use it in the bathroom, even in the shower (probably not a good idea), or they could use it as a frisbee. They can even spray paint it, to make it look different. I know my kids would probably do all this, but that’s not why you buy it and why you’re going to use it in the first place.

Think of the real purpose of what you’re selling when you’re selling. That’s how it works. Not the other way around.

On the other hand. If you’re already known and you’re funny. Everything seems to be working…

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