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MySpace Helps Promoting

MySpace is a very popular place these days, it seems that most people use it or at least visits it once in a while. I have never been a fan of MySpace, not sure why, but I can´t seem to figure out why I should keep coming back. Of course, there´s a lot going on there, but it doesn´t really appeal to me.

To me it seems that a lot of new rock bands are having the time of their lives using MySpace to promote their music. A few have become quite famous after publishing stuff on MySpace, Hawthorne Hights is a band that I had never heard of before I read an article about their MySpace adventure.

Today another band has started their celebrity adventure due to success on MySpace. This is a Japanese band called Dir en grey and they have been on tour in the US and it seems that they are doing great and they might be the next musical sensation or not.

MySpace is the place to be… at least for rockers.

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