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MyBlogLog Widget Marketing

The widget that most members of MyBlogLog are using on their sites is a widget with small pictures (avatars) of recent visitors from other members of MyBlogLog. If you are not sure what I am talking about, you can just take a look in my sidebar (on the right side), and you will see some interesting people.

I think that this widget has at least two purposes, and one of them being that you can see that other people are visiting your blog and you can see their “faces”. This way, you and your visitors can see that you are getting new visitors. The other purpose of the widget is an interesting one. By showing the faces of other members of MyBlogLog, you are also helping them to promote their blogs / websites.

If you click on one of the pictures, you will go to their profile at MyBlogLog, and there will also be a link and a screenshot of their blogs / websites there, along with information about themselves. Some members of MyBlogLog are using this type of widget marketing to visit as many websites of other members as possible. You just have to stay there for 1 second or so to get your picture in the widget… well it all depends on how many people are visiting the blog / website a day. If the widget is only showing the 10 recent visitors, you might only be visible at the widget for a few seconds or minutes on some blogs / websites, on others you might be there for hours or days.

What I have been thinking of is how many pictures of MyBlogLog members (recent visitors) should my blog be showing or any blog for that matter? Some are showing very small pictures, but a lot of members. This way many will have their pictures and links on the site, but it will be very difficult for anybody to actually see the pictures and I think that this will gain less clicks – because why click on a picture you can hardly see?

I believe that my widget is close to what I think is “the perfect one”. The pictures should be big enough so most people can see them, and it shows the 30 recent visitors to my blog. This way I think that I am sort of helping them to get more clicks. I find myself clicking on some of the “new faces” on my blog almost daily. But I might do some adjustments to it, because it´s hard to find the perfect one…

2 responses to “MyBlogLog Widget Marketing”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    I’m so done with marketing websites. I refuse to buy software that has to be “spiced up” with some long copy just to get someone to buy it. And all the “extras” etc.

    About the software – it sounds like basically a script that takes your article and “rewrites” it. I was asked about making a script to do that. If you do try it let me know, I may be interested.

  2. Jens says:


    I don’t think that I will buy it. But it would be interesting to test it, just to see what it is all about.

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