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MyBlogLog Tactics

I just read a good article about how to get more traffic from MyBlogLog. This article is well written and it offers some really good advice. The first advice is something I have written a short note about a while ago, it´s an advice that seems to work really well. It´s the hot babe avatar. Today I saw that a guy that I have been in contact with a few times, a person with a really interesting blog, had changed his avatar into a really hot babe. I was so distracted that I didn´t recognize that it was a link to his site and not some girl.

Another interesting tactic is to visit blogs, as many blogs similar to yours as possible. And of course the blogs I am talking about is blogs with the MyBlogLog widget. This way the author and visitors can see that you have been there, and they might click on your avatar and visit your profile and your blog.

Now, read the rest of the interesting tips over at Joe Whyte´s blog.

5 responses to “MyBlogLog Tactics”

  1. Scott Yang says:

    I have seen plenty of “regular” websites on MyBlogLog. I guess they have since changed the “Add Blog” button to “Add Blog/Site” 🙂

  2. kangax says:

    I’ve seen lots of websites on MyBlogLog that are not blogs. I myself listed couple of regular static websites that I did for my clients. It certainly is a nice way of exposure, traffic increase and higher rankings.

  3. Jens says:

    Thank you for your comments, I had no idea that this was allowed.

    Now I will add my Online Marketing Catalog to MyBlogLog 🙂

  4. Dawud Miracle says:

    I, too, have seen ‘regular’ websites on MyBlogLog. I’d add it.

    One thought, since you’re using WordPress, you could build your ‘regular’ site using WordPress ‘pages.’ This would give you great flexibility for the future. I use WP as a content management systems for ‘static’ websites all the time.

  5. Scott Rafer says:

    It’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

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