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MyBlogLog and easy Marketing

Maybe you remember the short post I did a while ago about the 10 seconds marketing technique at MyBlogLog? It was, and still is, an easy way to promote your blog / business with hardly any effort at all. But today I have an even easier and more effective way to promote your blog / business using MyBlogLog. Maybe not easier than using a really hot girl as your avatar, but this is more my kind of marketing.

Just log in to your MyBlogLog account. Start clicking on the images of some people. You can find them everywhere, you just can’t miss them.

When you have clicked on an image of a MyBlogLog member, you will access that members homepage at MyBlogLog. You will see the latest public messages to the right (look at the image above).

What you want to do now is to click on one of the images, then click on another image and then click on another image. They don’t have to be located at the same MyBlogLog homepage, but they need to be public messages at MyBlogLog.

As soon as you have clicked on one of the images, the person who wrote the public message will see that you have visited his or her homepage at MyBlogLog. And now, they will most likely be interested to view your homepage at MyBlogLog or to contact you.

The reason you should target people who have written public messages is that they are usually very active members at MyBlogLog. They will be more likely to visit your homepage, read about you and even contact you. By using a few seconds of your time, just one click on each person, you will probably get more new visitors.

My guess is that you will get at least one visitor to your MyBlogLog profile for no more than 10 seconds of your time. But if you want the visitor to click go from your MyBlogLog profile to your blog, for that you need to create an interesting profile.

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