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My Viral Spiral just launched

This is interesting. My Viral Spiral just launched earlier today, and from what I have been told this is something all Internet marketers should have a closer look at.

I am not really sure what it’s all about, but according to their website it’s a powerful tool.

Within minutes, you can have in your hands the most powerful online wealth-creation software of the decade.

The man behind this system is Tim Brocklehurst, an experienced marketer and you can tell that he is using an interesting marketing technique that a lot of marketers are using when you try to leave the website. Just try it and see what happens.

As you try to leave, you can see a peel away ad in the left corner. It grabs your attention. Tim (and his people) have also started the marketing of My Viral Spiral using YouTube, just take a look at the video below (it might be a bit slow, due to all the people trying to watch it at the moment):

I am not saying that you should join My Viral Spiral or that it’s the viral tool of the decade, because I have no idea. I am only saying that this brand new system is being promoted by a lot of people and that it’s very interesting and that you should have a closer look at it. I am not sure what I am going to do, but I joined as an affiliate and I will read all there is to read and see all the videos and then, I will decide what to do.

5 responses to “My Viral Spiral just launched”

  1. Alex Kay says:

    Hi Jens! I think that putting your domain in pictures like that is a great, and rather unobtrusive, marketing technique. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Birney Summers says:

    Great Idea. Beats getting your URL monogrammed on your shirt.

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