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My Very Own Advertisement

My new project is almost ready for the world, so I decided to do some marketing on various traffic exchanges. Just to get the word out about it and get some feedback. This is going to be a long term project for me and I am not hoping for thousands of members in the next weeks. Online Marketing Catalog will be something I will be working on for years to come (at least I hope I will be).

I have ordered a splash page and some banners that I will use to promote the site, but I just can´t wait for them to get ready. So, this morning I made a splash page of my own. This is not a really good one, but it will hopefully get a few visitors from the traffic exchanges in the next couple of weeks (until the marketing material is ready).

This is the splash page that I am now testing on three traffic exchanges.

2 responses to “My Very Own Advertisement”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    It’s true. If you market yourself and people join sites you recommend, then they’ll trust you and join the next site you tell them about. But if they are seeing the affiliate page with no mention of you, there will be no connection and no trust 😉

  2. Louie Del Rio says:

    It really is insteresting how many people even pay for the opportunity to sell and brand “gurus” … there’s no reason you can’t promote the same products but leverage their branding for YOUR benefit. Ulitmately the goal is build your business and reap the rewards … not give them away-

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