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My question to stop spam

Yesterday I installed the textual confirmation modification for my phpBB discussion forums. With the installation was a couple of questions that I could use or I could make up my own questions. The questions people registering for my discussion forums had to answer was this; are you a human or say hello. Both were kind of easy and a little stupid. So I made up my own question and I have just saved it.

The question is this; Name the most popular search engine. The answer is Google (I hope that I am right on this one). Hopefully this isn´t too hard for most people, I hate for people not to be able to register because of failing to answer the question. So far, the modification has prevented about 10 people / bots from registering.

2 responses to “My question to stop spam”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Cool. I was expecting it to be more advanced and only do it if the commenter posted X comments or something. That would prevent drive by spammers but rewarding long time followers 😉

  2. Dawud Miracle says:

    Jens, thanks for spreading the word on removing nofollow from comments. Help keep this moving because the more blogs that remove nofollow from their comments, the more link love we all get.

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