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This is my office

I guess you can learn a lot about a person by looking at his office. But, I am not sure if you can learn that much about me though. Because sometimes my office is very neat and clean, sometimes it’s filthy and there are books and paper all over the place.

I decided to take a picture of my office, as it looks right now, without cleaning it and without moving anything in order to get a better picture. This is how it looks this very minute.

I took many pictures, but because my office is really more like a closet, it was really hard to get a good one. The image above was the best I could do.

I got the idea of the image from Tim at his blog, when he recently posted a picture of his new office. His office looks a lot bigger and a lot cleaner (at least at the moment). But I am not envious, not at all

It seems that you get a whole different view when you post a picture of it. Now, I see why I should go upstairs and start cleaning my office instead of writing a blog post from the living room.

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