My Most Important WordPress Plugin

I woke up today, thinking about this one question. If I could only use one WordPress plugin, which one is the most important plugin, and the one plugin I can’t possible be blogging without?

I have been thinking about this question for several hours, and it’s hard to pick only one. At the moment, I’ve installed 29 plugins, and I feel that I can’t manage a day without even one of them.

But, if I’ll just keep one, it would be …CommentLuv Premium

There are several reasons why I ended up with CommentLuv Premium, mostly it’s because it’s many plugins in one. It’s the best commenting system for wordpress. It’s a great way to help share posts for the people who are commenting on my blog on a regular basis, and it’s an awesome anti-spam plugin.

What about you? Have you ever thought about your most important WordPress plugin, and if you could only use one, which plugin would you end up?