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My Four Keys To Stop Procrastination

In order to be productive, and stop procrastination, I have developed four keys to success.

They refer to all my writing, not just blogging.

1. I will never check my email after 6 pm
2. I will never check my stats after 6 pm
3. I will never read blogs or news (any website at all) after 6 pm
4. After 6 pm, the only thing I’ll do, is planning and writing

The reason 6 pm is the time of day when my four keys to success begins, is that this is when the quality time with my kids starts. Well, I spend time with my kids before 6 pm as well, especially during the weekends, but the real quality time starts at 6 pm and ends when they fall a sleep.

Before 6 pm, I’ll do my research, and I’ll do my reading. I’ll also check my emails and my website stats. I’ll do everything that I’m not going to do after 6 pm.

The reason I ended up with my four keys, is that I need to have some rules in order to be productive.

Usually, I’ve been doing all sorts of things, especially after 6 pm. Now, if I follow my four keys to success, I’ll get to spend more time with my kids (and my wife) and I’ll get more things done.

I find that the two most important parts of being productive and successful, especially when it comes to blogging, is to plan (being organized and structured) and do the actual writing.

By the way. I’ve never tested my four keys to stop procrastination, because it all starts today.

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