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My First Impression of Ready Made Review Sites

I have just become a trial member of Ready Made Review Sites, and I have decided to test it for 7 days. If I really like it, and think that it’s something I should continue using, then, I will not cancel my membership. On the other hand, if I think Ready Made Review Sites is not for me, then, I will cancel the membership before a week from today.

It took me about 2 minutes to decide to test this new service from Anthony Hull and Jason Gazaway. You’ll understand why, when you read everything that’s included in the membership.

First, let me explain what this membership is all about.

Well, you probably understand most of it by reading the title (and the domain name). When you become a member, you get access to ready made review sites. The review site each month is containing the top ClickBank products in the Internet marketing niche.

Monthly “Plug-n-Play” Internet Marketing Affiliate Review Site

Plug-n-Play Clickbank Top 20 Page

Each review site also includes a page listing of the top 20 ClickBank Internet marketing products.

10 Professionally Written Marketing Articles Each Month

Every month, as a member, you’ll receive 10 articles related to the review site’s Internet marketing topic

7 emails autoresponder series each month

It’s “automatic” for members of aWeber and GetResponse. I just entered a few details into the website, and everything was ready. Well, I had to copy and paste the emails into aWeber.

5 Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and comprehensive keywords list every month

You can use the keywords and the ads to advertise with Google Adwords, Yahoo Publisher Network and MSN Search Engine. I am not sure if I am going to try Pay Per Click advertising. It’s been a while, but I believe that PPC is probably the best way to advertise the review sites.

List of Topic Related Blogs

Inside the membership area, you get a list of top ranked blogs that you can post comments on in order to get more traffic and backlinks. The blogs are all related to the topic of the month.

Affiliate marketing traning

You will also get affiliate marketing training each month. I haven’t looked at this one yet, even though I saw all the links inside the membership area.

It looks powerful

By now, you probably understand why I was so eager to test this new service.

About 5 minutes after I signed up, I installed my first Internet marketing review site. It was very easy, it’s almost impossible to do anything wrong. Actually, all it takes is four steps:

1. Download the affiliate review site
2. Add your ClickBank affiliate ID and a few other variables
3. Upload your affiliate review website to your hosting account
4. Use their marketing material to marketing their website.

The reason I had to try it

The reason I just had to try it, is because I really liked the webdesign of the review website. And when I took a closer look at it, the copywriting seems to be really good as well. I also found the video reviews to be very interesting. My 7-day trial includes video reviews of each product.

Ready Made Review Sites is one of the most interesting Internet marketing services I have seen in quite some time. Everything about it seems to be professional. The autoresponder messages are great, and you don’t have to do much tweaking. This is something a complete newbie can manage.

There are only two problems?

The only problems I see so far, is that the service is fairly expensive. I am not saying that it’s expensive when it comes to everything you get for the monthly price, but if you consider that you are only using this system to earn profit, then you’ll have to earn more than the monthly price of minimum $39 (without videos) and $49 with video reviews included. And if you are going to use Pay Per Click advertising, you have to add this to your monthly costs as well. It doesn sound hard to earn a profit from this, but you have to take the price and advertising in consideration when you buy it.

The other problem I see is that if too many people become members and start advertising the same review sites, it will be hard to make sales. I am not sure if this will become a problem though, the market is huge, and not that many people will be active with this membership. According to the sales page, only 250 members will be allowed. So, I guess this won’t become a problem.

Considering what you receive each month, it seems that Ready Made Review Sites is a bargain.

Take a look at my first Ready Made Review Site: Blogging Product Reviews

This is the sales page of Ready Made Review Sites.

You could say that it’s a problem that the reviews are not really your own. This month, I know that all three products are plain awesome. That’s Blogging to the bank, Super Affiliate Blogger, and Blogger’s Paycheck. But I have no idea what will happen next month.

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    My website is being developed. It is an informational site on affiliate marketing as well as I’m wondering if I can incorporate your reviews into my site.

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