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My Contact Station not working with Safari?

I have just received information about Joel Comm´s latest software called My Contact Station. It´s a software that you install on your server, and you can use it on your site or blog as a way for people to contact you and a way to prevent spam. From the video I watched at it seems like a really interesting piece of software and Joel Comm himself says it´s really easy to install as well.

This is a software that most people that operates their own site might be interested in (but there are other ways to prevent spam as well, and many of them are free). It´s rather cheap, at the time it costs $7 and when you buy it you will become an affiliate and earn 100% commissions from your sales. So, just 1 sale and the software didn´t cost you anything.

The reason I am writing this post today is not that I am trying to convince you into buying it, as I am not an affiliate and I have not done anything other than visited the website and watched the video on it. The reason I am writing is that at the end of the video, Joel Comm (I think he is the one presenting the software to us) says that My Contact Station works on all browser, even on Opera. I am so glad he mentioned Opera, it´s the browser I use the most.

So, when I decided to click on “Click Here For Live Contact Form Demonstration” close to the bottom at their site using the browser that I regularly use, I was a little surprised that it didn´t work on Safari. It was the only browser it didn´t work on. I am not sure why they didn´t include Safari, if it´s something they forgot to test or that it was too much work to include it or if there was some other reason for excluding it.

2 responses to “My Contact Station not working with Safari?”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Some say yes. Others say, no biggie. There’s a few products out there to scare you into thinking that you need to pay to do something about it.

    I haven’t worried about it and it hasn’t seemed to hurt me.

  2. Tim Linden says:

    Technorati gets a ton of traffic. I’m pretty sure their pages are cached or delayed at least a little. My latest posts seem to get there eventually.

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