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My Commission From Affiliate Silver Bullet Arrived Finally

I told you that I was waiting for my commission from Affiliate Silver Bullet to be paid. The reason was that Dustin Struckman stopped charging the monthly fees, and at that moment he was also restructuring the system.

I was a little sceptical to the whole restructuring thing, and I was thinking about my commission and that I might never see it (even though they have paid me three times earlier).

Earlier today, I received a message from PayPal saying that I have received my commission.

That’s awesome.

Now, I am just waiting for the re-launch of Affiliate Silver Bullet. On July 4th, Dustin Struckman and his team will be launching version 3 of Affiliate Silver Bullet.

He has promised that it will be a lot better than the previous two versions, and I believe him.

But why three versions in just a few monhts, didn’t Affiliate Silver Bullet launch in January (or was it February)?

Not sure what this means, but I guess that Dustin Struckman is doing what it takes to become successful, and it seems that he understands that for him to become successful, he needs his “students” to become successful as well.

It might be worth waiting for July 4th.

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