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My Christmas surprise. How to build customer loyalty during a time of joy.

I keep thinking about one quote. I’ve written about it before. I first mentioned the quote in The world is changing fast. One thing still remains the same. The second time I mentioned it was in How to make people remember you.

There are many reasons why I keep coming back to this quote. At the moment, I’m thinking that it’s an important part of marketing that many businesses doesn’t consider. The other reason, is that it’s closely related to Christmas.

A Fresh Look

At this time of the year, we should have a fresh look at our businesses. First thing, is to look at how you see things, and how they make you feel. This is true for people, and it’s true for strategies and marketing.

We respond to what we perceive to be true. Hence, you need to be confronting the reality of your situation and ask yourself; what causes you to ignite?

If you weigh more than you want, you probably think that you’d like to be slimmer. It’s the same for your business. Once you get clear about what you don’t wish, you get clear about what you do wish. A fresh desire may help drive you in a favorable new direction, but nothing will change until you understand what causes you to ignite.

Look for the sparks

Consider this; Christmas is a time to build customer loyalty. But, since most of your customers are already receiving gifts from their partners, you need to do something remarkable. Don’t just send them a Christmas card; and you shouldn’t give a gift to charity either.

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to surprise your customers. Like I said, instead of doing what others are doing, make the easiest possible suprise. It’s easy to make people smile, especially during Christmas.

I’ll give you a short clue. What’s the one thing that most people don’t have enough of during Christmas?

If you still don’t get it. Don’t worry. The clue is not an easy one. And, it might not be the case for you. You might answer that time is the one thing, and that’s also true. But, it’s not what’s on my mind. My experience from my shopping yesterday shows me exactly how important positive surprises are during Christmas.

The one thing

I opened the door and heard the tiny sound of a bell. I had ordered new contact lenses. I didn’t think much about it, other than that I was going to pay a lot of money for the new contact lenses. I looked at the man behind the counter as he was smiling and giving me the bag.

I didn’t think much of his smile either, other than it made me feel better when I was about to pay him. The next thing that happened made me smile. Remember, it’s Christmas, and I’ve been out shopping Christmas gifts for many days already. What he told me, that I didn’t know before paying for the contact lenses, was that I’d get a 30% Christmas discount.

It was the perfect timing, I told him. I had no idea about the discount.

I still have many gifts to buy, and now receiving that discount, I’m sure that it has turned me into a loyal customer. I always tell people to focus on your one thing, and it’s still true even for Christmas.

Ask yourself.

What makes your heart sing?

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  1. Hi Jens, I have a book recommendation for you, based on your last couple of posts. I didn’t see you mention this book but wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already read it. It’s “The ONE Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. I listened to the audio version just last week and I found it well worth the time.

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