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My Biggest Blogging Mistakes

I have been blogging for a while, and I have created several blogs. I’m fairly satisfied with my resaults, but when I think back and think of what I should have done different, there are three things that I consider to be my biggest mistakes as a blogger.



I should have been looking for my true passion before starting a blog. I didn’t have passion, and it’s hard to find it. I’m still kind of struggling to find passion, even though I know a lot more now than I did back then. I have been reading many books, like Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuck, and I have read many e-books like Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead. It helps a lot to read what others have experienced.

I remember when I created a blog called the vegetarian mind. One of my greatest passions is animal welfare and being a vegetarian. So, I thought creating a blog about this topic and writing about it would really be something. Well, it didn’t work at all. I had nothing to write about, even though it’s my passion, it was hard. So, even though it’s my true passion, it might not be a blog theme.

Passion is important, but I should also been doing more research and thinking about why I wanted to create a blog and why I wanted to write about the topic.



I was looking at Spandy Andy a few days ago, and he really made me laugh out loud. He also made me realize that there are just one Spandy Andy in the world. The same goes for me, I am unique, but my blog is not.

In order to be successful, and I’m not just talking about traffic or money, you have to be unique. No matter how you measure success, being remarkable, special or unusual is important. If you’re just a copycat, you’ll never experience true success. It’s a lot like what Seth Godin writes about in his latest book, Linchpin, where he asks the question; are you indispensable?

There are many ways to be unique. I could have created a blog on a unique topic. I could have created a unique design, or I could become a unique writer. That’s really what I’m looking for at the moment. I want you to listen to my voice and understand that it’s my voice. That’s how I write. And I’m a Norwegian writing English, not unique, but a little unusual. My topic is still a topic that thousands of others are blogging about, but my voice is unique. Or hopefully, it’s becoming unique. It takes time and a lot of practice. But I wish I had thought about how important being different is before starting to blog.



When I first started to blog, it was all about driving traffic. It was all about trying to get a massive amount of new visitors and new readers to my blog. I thought that that’s what successful bloggers did. Bloggers measured success by the amount of traffic and readers they received, and when or if I got enough traffic, I would eventually get advertisers and then I would earn money from blogging.

I wish I would have focused on building relationships with people instead of treating them like a number. People are important, as individuals and as groups. If you treat them as numbers, you won’t earn their respect and their trust. It’s true, a single person can turn your world around.

Blogging is about building relations to people. When I write, I want people to read, and I want reactions. It doesn’t matter if the reactions come as verbal notes, emails or blog comments. I’m not writing for thousands of people, I am writing for each individual. That’s what’s important.

When I write, I think of you.

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