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Most Interesting Marketing System of Week 19

The past week was an interesting week. I recieved a lot of new Internet marketing stuff and I have five really interesting Internet marketing systems to tell you about, and one of them I find more interesting than the others. One of the “systems” is actually a new Internet marketing book.

Here are the five most interesting marketing systems of week 19:

I am not an affiliate of any of the above, and so far, I haven’t tried any of them either. I am thinking about buying the Street Smart Internet Marketing book, and I will probably buy it somtime soon.

Slackerprofits is more of a system to earn money than an Internet marketing system, but I had to give you the link (it looks interesting). WP Traffic looks great if you have a blog and you are using wordpress, if not, you might want to consider starting one. Dave’s Online Videos looks awesome, it’s a lot of videos on how to promote and how to use various Internet marketing techniques and how to earn money online. The guy behind it is Dave Guindon. Mark Vurnum has released something similiar, but it’s a video series about how to get leads, it’t Lead Generation Video’s II.

All five of them looks really interesting, but my favorite for the past week is Dave’s Online Videos. The price is cheap and the topics looks really interesting.

Remember, I haven’t tried any of the products and I haven’t seen any of the videos, I have only viewed the sales pages.

Don’t take my advice, decide yourself.

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2 responses to “Most Interesting Marketing System of Week 19”

  1. Harrison says:

    Yeah I agree with you and I also never put too much of time into SEO. However, II do research on my targeted keywords for my content.

    One thing I found is if your site is hot and has a lot of traffic, eventually you will rank well in search engine. Why? Search engine is always trying to give the best relevant sites to people. So if you site is hot and popular, then they will rank you well.

    So I think the best way is concentrate on content and write for readers

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Harrison,

    That’s exactly what I have been doing. My content is what I value the most, and I do get some search engine traffic from it.

    I hope you are right when you say that the best way is to concentrate on writing, because that’s what I am doing 🙂

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