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Most Interesting Marketing System Week 17

The past week has been fairly short for me when it comes to Internet marketing and spending time with my computer. I have been on a vacation to Valencia in Spain, and I got back yesterday. But, I have nearly finished going through my inbox and I have been taking a few notes about the new marketing systems that I discovered the past week.

So, here it comes.

The past week was not as interesting as week 16 and week 15. I have only found a few new and interesting marketing systems that I would spend my money on, well, if I had more time on my hands.

What I am saying is this, I have no clue how good the systems are and I am not going to buy them, because I have not a minute to spare. So, you should really just take a look at the sales pages, google for some reviews and buy the system if you find it interesting enough. Don’t trust me, because I really don’t know.

The one that got my attention right away was Google Magic Formula; I think it was the cool design and the fact that:

Million dollar a year underground marketers reveal the… $40,734 a month autopilot secret that kills Google and stuffs FOUR figures into our Clickbank accounts every single day.

Autopilot is a very interesting word for most marketers, and of course, the secret of killing Google is also very compelling.

Visit Google Magic Formula

Do you know about any other new Internet Marketing systems, please contact me if you do.

8 responses to “Most Interesting Marketing System Week 17”

  1. Tim says:

    Yeah it can be hard to get a good picture of a small office. I have a D50 with 18-200mm lens, so at 18mm I was able to get most of it. There is actually a second window and pile of boxes you can’t see in my photo LOL

    Your setup ain’t so bad either. I was in the living room with a 1 yr old playing and climbing on my chair as I was working..

  2. Harrison says:

    For me, your office is quite ok and I can tell you that my table is much more messy than yours. 🙂

  3. Jens says:

    Sometimes it seems that I work a lot better with a messy desk, but it looks better with a clean one 🙂

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