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The Most Interesting Marketing System Week 16

The past week was almost like the week before when it comes to new interesting marketing systems. I have received a lot of e-mails about new systems, and I have actually five systems that I have been keeping an eye on.

Three of these systems are not just Internet marketing systems, they are more like “work from home” systems, where the sales pages are hyped, well, all of the sales pages are fairly hyped though.

The five systems I am talking about are:

I don’t really know much about any of the systems, other than all the hype from their sales pages and all the promotional e-mails I have received. I have not joined any of them, and I haven’t been paying that much attention to their sales pages.

What I find most fascinating is probably the Wholesale Traffic System, if you look closely at the video and the text on the sales page you will understand why:

So, when I heard about a guy (a non-guru selling to niche markets) who GOT PAID $1.2 MILLION to build a list of over 40,000 rabid buyers in less than 9 months, well… needless to say it caught my attention.

The Wholesale Traffic System is about Self-Liquidating Offers (something I have never heard of before). And when you sign up for the free report, you can download a 25 pages where they will explain it to you. I don’t know much about what will happen next, after you have signed up for the free report, but my guess is that you will receive an offer in a short while.

All the five new Internet marketing systems (or maybe I should call them Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing systems) seems to be very interesting indeed, and the one from Ewen Chia is actually not released as I am writing this, but it will be later today.

Traffic Kahuna received a lot of attention especially on monday and tuesday last week, now I can see that their doors are closed. So, I guessed you missed it if you are reading this and you really wanted to join.

I think The Wholesale Traffic System is the most interesting one, do you agree or do you prefer another system?

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