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The Most Interesting Real Estate Marketing trick I have seen

No wonder why Ralph Roberts was dubbed by Time Magazine the best-selling realtor in America. I just read the most interesting and actually funny marketing trick in real estate that I have ever seen.

I will try to explain it in my own words, and I will try to tell you why I think it’s so interesting and funny. And I really like it, even though I understand that it’s really a marketing trick… and I don’t like marketing tricks, well, except for when they are very intereresting and funny.

I don’t know that much about how real estate agents do their job when it comes to marketing, other than that they promote using newspapers. But as I now understand they also send out letters to prospective clients asking them for a job, I am not sure about the contents of the letters though. This letter might be to people who have been contacting the real estate agent for a job to sell their house (I would think that this is what it might be all about). Many people are contacting many different real estate agents in order to find the one with the cheapest price and the best service. So, to follow up on the people that have been in contact, most real estate agents sends out letters to them and try to get them to contact them for that particular job.

According to Ralph Roberts, as many as 90 percent of the people receiving the letter might simply crumple it up and toss it in the trash. But Ralph Roberts’ creative marketing idea was to follow up on that letter to those people who didn’t contact him. The 90 percent or so that tossed the letter in the trash.

So, what he did was the interesting and funny part:

About four days after I sent out the original letter, if the prospect had not gotten in touch with me, I would send out a nearly identical letter, but this time, I wadded it up first, smoothed it out a bit, and wrote with a red marker at the bottom of the letter, “Please Don’t Throw Me Away Again!” I inserted the letter in a plain envelope, addressed it by hand, and mailed it to the original recipient.

This is what I call creative marketing. He received a lot of response after starting this new marketing campaign. Many people even thougth that he had dug through their trash to find the letter and resend it. It’s a marketing trick and most people might understand that, some might even get a little upset by it – but I find it very amusing.

Read the whole story of the secret of the crumpled letter at Realty Times.

7 responses to “The Most Interesting Real Estate Marketing trick I have seen”

  1. Tim Draayer says:

    Jens, that is definitely an interesting story. It is sometimes surprising what can happen to people when they cross borders and are alleged to have done something they didn’t do. Lets hope he’s taken care of and not treated to badly.

  2. Chris says:

    I have followed this story on the news. Things are even wors as This guy Marco Weiss (17 years old) was put in an adult prison cell together with 30 adult criminals. Back homehe should have done his graduation exams druing the last almost three months.
    Today the turk judges announced they will not let Marco leave prison on bail and his parents are of course devastated.
    However this story will finally end I personnaly will be very reluctant to consider Turkey as a vacation destiny to go to in the future again.

  3. Bring him home says:

    Charlotte, listen:
    You lied to your mother. You lied to the authorities. You’re lying to yourself if you think this is just “going to go away”.
    No, it won’t. You are in the process of ruining an innocent’s life – just so your mother won’t spank your butt for being a junior slut.
    Well, you’re much worse than that.
    Wake up, Carlotte. Wake up and smell the coffee. Tell the truth, or go ahaed and be GUILTY for the rest of your life. You will NOT forgive yourself for your cowardice. You will not be forgiven. You will rot in your own private hell FOREVER for ruining the life of an innocent.
    Charlotte, remember this: You are not a child anymore. You are now responsible for somebody else’s life. You ARE responsible for what’s happening. Every minute. You will not forgive yourself. And you will not be forgiven. EVER.
    Do the right thing or rot in hell. Think about this long and hard.

  4. Becker says:

    Marco became free friday the 14th of December 2007.
    The turkish judge allowed him to return to germany and he already arrived here. Some germans celebrated it like a worldcup-soccer-win, with cars and flags in the city, you know what I mean.

    This story is in all newspapers and will be for the next weeks, 1000s of people are discussing in the web-forums and Marco already got an exclusive TV-contract by RTL.

    Now we germans cry to arrest the english girl and her mother, but thats only the revenge thing. Same like they say that nobody will ever make holiday in the turkey.

    Fact is Marco was arrested only because the english girl told a story about raping and a turkish doktor said she was still a virgin.
    Probably the english mother went crazy after she heard her little girl kissed a boy.
    One reason for the long time of marcos arrest (8 month) was that Charlotte, the english girl, went back to england and didnt follow the invitation of the english police to make her evidence. The english family played on time, because they probably knew that the truth is not worth one day of jail.

    Few days ago I read something about prisons, justice and jails in the USA. Compared with this human tragedy and unbelievable iniquitousness the case marco is a tear in the ocean.
    In the USA people get arrested for very small crimes and always get the maximum punishment, like 10 years for 1gramm of crack or 5 years for stealing in a shop.
    A drug-dependend boy accused his teacher to have him raped because he caught him with drugs , the prosecutor cheated the teacher and he accepted to make a confession and under the pressure he did it. He got 31 years jail. The boy told his friends that he lied but nobody cares. Now when the teacher reached to get a new judgement the boy died of drugabuse and in 25 years the teacher may be free.

    This is only 1 example,
    private jail-owner get 100$ per day per arrested person, a very big business. and the law-maker earn a part off the money so they do everything to keep this situation alive. its more evil than the russian gulags have been.

    search the web for some information about this.

  5. Mitch Carson says:

    Great Article. As a Newbie Blogger, I gained so much knowledge! Thank You so much for sharing all these valuable Information.

  6. Tim Draayer says:

    Hi Jen,
    Please remove my comment from this website/blog.
    Thank you.
    Tim Draayer

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