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The Most Inspiring Ebook I Have Ever Read

It’s dark outside, still cold and the streets covered with snow. The kids are finally sleeping, it’s all quite. It’s time. It’s time to explore the new electronic books that I’ve stored on my hard drive. It’s time to open Skim, start reading and take notes, while listening to the amazing Swedish band Johnossi.

I love listening to music while reading. That’s what I’m currentlly doing. My head phones keeps everthing out. It’s me, my thoughts, the music and the ebooks.

I have read a lot of ebooks. I have read many that was given to me for free and I have paid for many as well. Some of the ebooks have been cheap, a few have been fairly expensive. Some of the ebooks have been really really bad, ebooks that I never finished reading, and some have been fairly good. I can’t remember if I have read any excellent ones, but I probably have. Oh, actually, I remember two excellent ebooks, and both of them are free:

The New Rules of Viral Marketing, written by David Meerman Scott.


Marketing Apple: 5 secrets of the world’s best marketing machine written by Steve Chazin

When it comes to the most inspiring ebook that I have ever read, I have to say that it’s the one I finished reading yesterday. It grabbed me, and won’t let go for a long time. That’s for sure.

But first.

When it comes to what’s inspiring, I think it depends on what you’re currently looking for. Lately, I have been on a quest, a personal development journey – discovering how to achieving my goals, and more than anything, to help me find what I am looking for, and to answer the question; what am I really passionate about?

The ebook I’m referring to is written by Jonathan Mead and the timing was perfect, it was exactly what I needed. The ebook is Reclaim your dreams: an uncommon guide to living on your own terms (this is not an affiliate link).


It’s hard to find passion, and it’s even harder to turn it into a way of life. I’ve listened to many talks by people involved in the personal development industry, and I’ve read a couple of books by Anthony Robbins. I’m not unfamiliar with the terms and what to do in order to fulfill any desire, but I’m still not successful doing it.

I’m not sure what I expected when I bought Jonathan Mead’s Reclaim Your Dreams, but I’m sure that I got a lot more than I ever thought was possible for the $25 I paid.

The ebook was personal. His story was amazing, it was unique. I haven’t read anything like this anywhere. It was straight to the point, 85 pages packed with tips; how to turn your life around, find what your passionate about, find happiness, and turn it into a profitable niche. I’ll need to do the work, but reading the ebook, I got all the tips I need.

I have already realized what it’s all about. I have read it before, but not like this, it was so much easier to understand when I read the words from Jonathan:

“We’ve all wondered at some depressing point in our lives why we’re not happy. We tend to blame it on our circumstances; we blame it on our divorce, the economy, or our boss. We also blame ourselves, and for good reason. That’s because we don’t really own our own minds. We’ve given up the power and control of our minds and our choices to other people and outside forces.”

He uses words like unbrainwashing, stop caring, undomesticate yourself and creating love money. It makes me happy just thinking about it. He makes it sound fun, easy, and entertaining.

Much like Jonathan himself, I want to write. I want to write fiction, a Norwegian novel not like anything you’ve ever read – my story.

I’ve discovered passion, I’m about to reclaim ownership of my time, only thing left is to reclaim my dream.

This ebook was a lot of help, and the most inspiring ebook I’ve ever read.

Go, grab yourself a copy.

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  1. jens says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂


  2. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Wow sir jens, this ebook looks really great and to be honest this is y first time to see like this..

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