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The Most Important Tool?

The most important tool an Internet marketer uses to get signups, subscribers or sales is their website. Many who are trying hard to be successful are only using the splash pages and ads provided by their current company.

This is exactly why many fail!

Thousands of people are using the same pages to attract customers. Think of it, when you are surfing traffic exchanges and you see the same pages over and over again. Different people are behind the ads, but the same design and content. You get tired of seeing it, and you don’t get attracted to join the business.

Even if the splash page is really good, you have to be lucky not to have other members showing it off first.

You need your own design and your own content to be successful online.

Most people don’t know how to make professional design; most people have more then enough to think about the content. Everybody can write (at least properly), but doing a really good design is hard.

This is why Site Builder has been launched. It’s the most advanced website builder on the Internet, and it comes with so many unique features, it’s just amazing.

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I am not going to trick you into buying this, but I believe that you should try it out for ten days for free to see what I am talking about. You’ll see why this tool is something all marketers need.

Just check out these features (and this is just a few):

Mailing List/Newsletter
You can post several newsletters and then have them batch emailed to your subscribers.
* Manage your subscribers right on your site
* Your subscriber emails can be exported as a list
* Newsletters are displayed by date

Autoresponder Page
You can use this page to send out instruction guides and other material immediately after collecting an email. Emails are stored on your site so you can send promotional material to your visitors later.

A calendar can be a helpful way to outline upcoming events. When an event is clicked on, more detailed info is shown about the event.
* Advertise in-store or company events
* For reservations, show booked off days
* Display your club or organization’s events and meetings

Integrated Shopping Cart
You can customize your cart to accept PayPal or credit card processing. You can also add taxes and shipping and handling to your order subtotals.
* PayPal integration
* integration
* Save $450 in fees when setting up credit card processing
* Cart buttons can be turned on or off

Template Builder
You can change your template anytime to any of our pre-formatted templates. Or, you can customize your template with your own images, color choices and more.
* Choose from over 1000 pre-formatted templates
* You just have to click on different options to change your template, there’s no coding

Stock Photos
You get access to over 2000 stock photos licensed from Hemera Images.

Domain Name
You get a FREE domain name in the format and you can opt to set up your own domain name (e.g. on your site.

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