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The most important book you have read

I just thought that I should ask you this question, because the answer would be very interesting for all of us.

What is the most important book or ebook that you have read lately?

By important, I am talking about the book or ebook that you think has given you most advice and helped you the most on your path to riches or to Internet marketing success. I am looking for the one book that you would recommend to everybody, if I was just going to buy one book, which one should I buy?

And of course, the book or ebook should be about Internet marketing or on how to be successful with affiliate marketing or on how to earn money online or someting similar. If you are like me, you have probably read a lot of books, but hopefully you can say that one of them was a lot better than all the others. I am looking for that one.

From a lot of people, I have heard that a famous book, audio book and I think ebook as well, has made the most impact. This is the one by Napoleon Hill, it’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s from 1937, and it still is a favorite among a lot of people. A book published a long time before Internet or before most of us were even born.

I have not read it myself, but I am thinking that maybe I should.

The most important book that I have read regarding the topic I am writing about is probably Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright. But this is just on top of my head, if I spend some time thinking, I might come up with another one.

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