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The Most Amazing Deal of 2008?

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions about buying James Jackson’s Marketing Course Blowout. Many of the e-mails I have received about the course got the subject line “The Most Amazing Deal of 2008”.

It’s interesting to see how it could be the most amazing deal of 2008 when we are only in January. Maybe they think that this is the best deal so far? Or maybe it’s just a marketing trick?

Anyway, the marketing course blow out seems to be an interesting deal and it might be a great one. The price is $97 and you get a lot of stuff. It will probably keep you occupied for weeks.

According to the sales page:

Act Fast And Steal This Entire War Chest Of 18 Powerful Courses, Seminars, And Workshops From The Worlds Top Marketing Masters That Unlock The Strategies That Have Generated Over Fifty Million Dollars In Sales And Discover How To Build Your Own Million Dollar Empires Online!

I just thought you’d like to know about James Jackson’s Marketing Course Blowout. A lot of people seems to like it, at least they enjoy promoting it.

I am not an affiliate and I haven’t bought it.

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