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Morning Pages – 10 reasons why you need to get started

I haven’t been writing my morning pages for a long time. It’s been a few months, writing every morning, that’s all. But, the months have been very productive. I have been writing more than before, I’ve got more energy than ever, and I’m getting more things done.

morning pages

What are morning pages?

I am using the term morning pages, a term I discovered while reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She describes her daily practice of morning pages. She writes three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first in the morning.

To me, morning pages is not necessarily writing three pages longhand. I set a timer (using the Pomodoro Technique) and I keep writing until I hear the stop sound. Sometimes I write with a pen on paper, other times, I write using my computer. It all depends on what I feel like doing. But, the reason I keep writing my morning pages are:

1. Remove clutter

I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s something I keep struggling with. I have hundreds of things on my mind every single day. I keep thinking of the past. I end up with new ideas. And, I keep creating new stories. My daily practice of consciousness writing helps me remove clutter. It helps me get everything out into the open. While writing, I feel that I don’t have to remember everything. It helps looking at the words. Sometimes the words are impressive and I’m thinking that it’s great that I’ve saved them, other times I’m thinking that why do I keep so many things inside me? In the end, writing my morning pages every day, removes clutter from my brain.

2. Boost productivity

Writing my morning pages doesn’t just remove clutter, it boosts productivity. I start my day writing, and the writing keeps me going. I write a lot. I don’t publish it. But, writing helps me want to do more, and it keeps my mind focused. I especially enjoy the part about consciousness writing. I don’t plan what I’ll be writing. I just start writing and keep writing no matter what words are turning up on my screen.

3. Helps creativity

I always read what I have written. Most times I have no idea what I am going to write when I start. I believe that writing my morning pages helps creativity. It’s always different. Every single morning is different. I don’t plan to be creative, but my thoughts (and the surroundings) takes me to different places.

4. Journaling helps me remember

Do you remember what you write? I remember a lot better after I have written something, than before. That’s why I keep writing and I have always been taking notes to help me remember. Journaling helped me remember while I was studying, and it’s still helping me.

5. It makes me a better writer

I’m Norwegian, but I do my best to write in English. The more I write, the better I become. It’s that simple. I structure my writing, it’s become easier to write. This doesn’t just help me with blogging, but with everything I write; and in both English and Norwegian.

6. Helps me stay focused

I’m using the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused on one task (for 25 minutes). When I practice my morning pages I find it even easier to stay focused, and it helps me stay focused later as well, when I’m working.

7. I’m planning my day

My morning pages is now how I’m planning my day. I keep practicing consciousness writing, and I’m not just creating stories of fiction, but part of the writing is planning my day. I ask myself how a perfect day looks like, and what my most important tasks and projects are.

8. Values. Emotions. Goals.

It’s not easy to tell people about how I feel. It’s a lot easier to express my emotions when I’m writing my morning pages, and I am the only one reading. I focus on values, emotions and my goals. I don’t use a filter. I write about everything, and it helps me get to know more about myself.

9. Accountability

I use Todoist for all my projects and all my tasks. The first thing I look at, every morning, is that I need to write my morning pages. Without writing every single day, I know that I won’t eventually reach my goals. And, I have experienced that by finishing my morning pages, I will also finish the other tasks on my to-do list. Without doing it, I might actually skip the tasks or move them to a different day.

10. Immortality. Health.

I might not live longer by practicing my morning pages. But, I’ll have words that’ll reflect my life; words that someone close to me might read someday. That helps me stay immortal. At some point of my writing, I have been thinking that my health actually improves by writing. I don’t have a cluttered mind anymore. I have slowed down my life. I’m more positive than ever, and I am paying gratitude to other people every single morning.

4 responses to “Morning Pages – 10 reasons why you need to get started”

  1. Kai says:

    Todoist rules my world these days Mr. Jens!

  2. Strider says:

    The same technique applies to “Evening pages” – a great way to remove clutter, sum up the day and plan the next, as well as help you sleep 🙂

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