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More updates at Oprius

If you don´t know what Oprius is, the you really need to visit their website and test their software (they have a free demo version available). In their own words, Oprius is “A free application for network marketing distributors, like yourself, to intuitively organize the complex details of your contact, task and appointment information”.

I have tested it and it works really good, and then there is the e-mail solution for network marketers. Get on over there and test it if you are a network marketer, and I am not earning any money for telling you this.

The real reason for my post about Oprius today is that they have released some new important updates. This is from the e-mail they just sent me:

This morning we released the biggest set of updates to Oprius Foundations and Oprius Mail.

There used to be 3 separate grouping systems:
Contact Groups
Email Lists

We have merged these into a single grouping system with all the functionality as before. You can create a group and put tasks, appointments, contacts, and regular emails into that group. If you want to email a group, it will email all the contacts and email addresses in that group just as email lists did. If you want to filter contacts, tasks or calendar appointments based on groups, it will work just like the old categories. We think this grouping system is much easier to use, as well as more powerful.

We also provided a set of sales process groups to help you with moving leads to customers.

There were also a number of feedback requests answered and bug fixes included in this release. Some of them are:

Contact, Task, and Email lists now have a smarter selection and action interface
Ability to add (and remove) multiple contacts to groups from the contact list page
Deleting multiple contacts is added to the contact list
Preference page keeps you on the correct preference tab
Calendar quick add/edit now allows you to specify what group the appointment should go in
Filtering contacts by source
Importing now allows you to specify a group and source for the new contacts
Email now has a delete button
Plus numerous other small things

Enjoy the new features.
-The Oprius Team

3 responses to “More updates at Oprius”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Nice, Jens. Maybe we can talk about marketing explosion a bit – I may be interested as well. I’d love to know more about what’s included.

  2. Jens says:

    Yes, contact me anytime.

    I haven’t had the time to look at it all just yet. But I have downloaded all the audio to my iPod. I have just heard apx.
    20 minutes of the 6 hours. I am planning to listen to it all
    during the weekend.

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