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More than 600,000 members?

So far everything is going great with Global Domains International (GDI) combined with the marketing system at 3in7. I have already received 1 signup from it and I have more than 1000 hits, so if everything works out ok for me, I will have 2 more signups from 3in7 in about four days. Since I have my 1000 hits, I have started to help the person who signed up for both GDI and 3in7 to get his 1000 hits as well.

What I am thinking about today is actually not the 3 signups at 3in7, it looks like it’s going to work, but an e-mail that I received from a guy in my upline. The e-mail was rather long, so I will just tell you the information that kind of took me by surprise. He said that GDI have more than 600,000 members, I had no idea that it was that big. I know that its big, because you see ads for it all over, but 600,000 – wow.

The first thing I could think of after receiving this information was, is this a problem or something positive for me as a new member of GDI? My first answer was that this could be a problem, since 600,000 members would mean that a lot of people already have joined and a lot of people have heard about it already and made up their minds whether to join or not. But after thinking a few more minutes I changed my mind.

There are more than 150 million people online, and probably a way more than that (not sure of the right number), and in the years to come even this number will explode. Soon billions will be online. And a company like GDI that has been in business for more than seven years online and is debt free and has so many members, they have to be doing something right. And they will hopefully be around for a while, unlike many startups where you can get in at the top.

Think about it, you dont need that many members in your downline to earn a rather good living! So, my thoughts took a different direction and I am more positive towards GDI than I was before I joined – but remember, I am still in my first week.

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  1. Tim Linden says:

    You can import to Aweber, however when you do you have to write a note that explains where the emails came from. The Aweber staff then checks it out. They would be fine if you just told them it was moving from your old autoresponder. Actually, they’d probably be happy!

    Also, Aweber handles spam complaints great. Many ISPs will send you an email saying there was a spam complaint. The problem is, some only let you sign up if you send X amount of emails a month. I got AOL to send me them, but the others I couldn’t find out how. Aweber is large enough where they all tell them, and they auto unsubscribe the emails that report it as spam. And since they do this the ISPs don’t blacklist Aweber because of spam compalints.

    Oh and if you need a referal link to sign up under.. =P

  2. Jens says:

    Thanks Tim

    And I will keep you in mind if I am going to sign up for Aweber 🙂

  3. Dawud Miracle says:

    Yes, you can import into Aweber, it’s just that everyone on your list has to verify their opt-in.

    The one downside to a self-hosted autoresponder list…spamming. Make sure you can get a static IP address in order to thwart spamming claims

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