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More than 20,000 Subscribers?

As you might have noticed, my new design is here. As you might also have noticed, not everything is working at the moment. I am especially thinking about the links at the “top articles” and the form “Internet marketing tips”. And you might get the wrong impression when you see that I have a FeedBurner image in the sidebar saying that I have more than 20,000 subscribers.

I donīt have that many subscribers, this is just an image that will be replaced with the appropriate FeedBurner code. This will hopefully happen very soon, but since I donīt know exactly when, I thought I had to tell you that the numbers are not accurate. The image is like a placeholder (not sure if I can use that term though, but hopefully you do understand what I am talking about).

You might want to know how many subscribers I have. I just canīt say that I donīt have 20,000 subscribers and not tell you how many I actually have can I? Itīs not something to brag about really. As I am writing this, according to the FeedBurner stats, I have 122 subscribers.

Update: The FeedBurner image seems to be working now, and the code was added way faster than I expected. Now, I have my 122 subscribers visible in the sidebar.

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