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Missing the Emotional Component

I am not sure if I am going to be writing a lot about the emotional component or not in the e-book that I am currently writing. But it’s a very important fact, that you always need an emotional component when it comes to marketing. If you are missing it, you’ll be making a mistake.

In order to attract visitors and buyers, you need to get inside their heads and their hearts. You need to convince them that you are offering something they want, they might not know that they want it, but your job is to convince them that they want it, even though that they don’t really need it.

If I had something to sell, like a physical product. I would make a profile of the ideal customer. I would describe to myself who the person is; their gender, education, socio-economic level, interests, problems and more.

As soon as you know the ideal customer, you also know what triggers them. How you can attract them, get their attention, and get inside their heads and hearts.

One of the easiest examples to come up with is probably weight loss. You could be selling the general weight loss product, a product that will work for everybody and if you are like most businesses, you will just tell “everybody” that your product works in general (it’s the best).

Now, what I would have done is that I would have targeted a group of people, I would make it a niche. For instance, I would target middle age women (they probably don’t need to loose more weight than the general population, but stay with me). If I knew that I was going to target middle age women, I would also know their profile.

What do you know about middle age women, about their concerns and how to make them happy? Just think about it for a second.

I am not going to tell you everything I know about middle age women, in fact, I am not going to tell you anything at all. You can probably figure that out yourself.

My point is, that you can make a profile of your ideal customer (the middle age women) and you start with questions related to their emotions. How can you attract middle age women to buy your weight loss product?

The reason I focused on middle age women in my example is because they have money. Many people have money, but you know for a fact that this group of people have money and they spend money on products that will make them more beautiful.

Make what you do a niche and don’t miss the emotional component. If you miss the emotional component, it will be a marketing mistake that you’ll regret.

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