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The Mini Site Formula Review

I have just finished viewing all the videos included in a fairly new Internet marketing course called The Mini Site Formula, the creator is well-known marketer Joel Peterson. The course is fairly expensive at $97, but if what Joel Peterson has written on his sales page is right, well, $97 is nothing to worry about.

The Mini Site Formula

Let me first give you an overview of the contents:

The Mini Site Formula contains five video modules.

Module 1: How to make massive profits with tiny websites (7 videos)
Module 2: The quick and easy way to build your mini-sites (6 videos)
Module 3: The guts of your mini-site (4 videos)
Module 4: Promoting your mini-sites (9 videos)
Module 5: Scaling for massive growth and profits (5 videos)

What are mini sites?
Mini sites are wordpress blogs, one blog for each niche. What you should do, according to Joel, is create hundreds or thousands of sites. It’s easy to earn a few bucks a day from one mini site, and if you have hundreds of them, you’ll be earning hundreds of dollars a day. The more mini sites you have, the more money you’ll be earning.

So, the course is really about how to create hundreds or thousands of blogs packed with content and affiliate links.

The tutorials

Joel Peterson has created many tutorials about how to get started. This course is even for the complete newbie. For instance, module 2, is all about how to set up your wordpress blog. There was nothing new for me to learn during this module, I ended up watching all the six videos anyway.

How to earn money from the mini sites

There are especially two ways to earn money from all the various mini sites. The first one is through eBay, the second one is by using Datafeedr. If you combine the two, you’ll have access to thousands of products, through all the major affiliate networks. And every time someone buys a product from one of your mini sites, you’ll be earning commission.

How to get traffic to the mini sites

Now, I have been explained in details about how to install and configure the mini sites. I have learned the details about how to find “the perfect” products to sell. The only problem that remains, is how to get traffic to the mini sites.

I should have guessed it.

Joel Peterson goes into details about why videos are the ultimate traffic machines. He also explains how to create your own videos and which tool to use in order to submit your videos to all the top video sites in just a few minutes. He also shows the results of what happened after only 24 hours.

The Mini Site Formula is also about other traffic methods, like link building, article marketing and pay per click. They are all explained, but not in as much details as video marketing.

Lots of resources

During the videos, he talks about a lot of different software and websites. I was really happy to see that he had added all the links to the resources section of the course. This way it was a lot easier to find everything after I finished watching the videos.

The conclusion

I really enjoyed this course, and I have learned a lot from it. First of all, I never thought that a mini site actually was a regular blog. I have also got a glimpse at several interesting software that will certainly help me reduce the time when it comes to my blogging.

Actually, I think that I am really impressed by this course. Everything about it was very professional, the design, the videos, the resources. Everything.

The problem though, I love writing, and I have never been a video guy (except when it comes to watching videos).

I am also a sucker for manual labor, and control. I currently have only two blogs, and I am a little stressed, because I can hardly keep up the writing. But I will most certainly be doing some of the stuff Joel Peterson showed me during his 28 videos that took me several hours of watching. And hopefully I’ll still feel I have control.

I highly recommend that you take a closer look at The Mini Site Formula (aff. link).

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