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Mindfulness in Marketing

When people ask me what I do for a living, I don’t know exactly what to answer. I’ve had this issue a long time.

When my daughter asked me the question a few days ago, and I just couldn’t provide her with just one simple answer. I turned up the music I was listening to in the car – I needed time to think.

I stopped the car. We walked. We talked about something else. I was still thinking about the answer. She knows that she’ll get the answer, eventually.

I was at the bleachers, watching her swim; thinking about the question.

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I know I can just tell her that I’m in marketing, and I know that I can tell her exactly what I do at my job. She might understand. Or, she might not. But, to me, it’s not that easy to explain. I don’t want her, or anyone else for that matter, to put a label on me, as just one of those guys that are helping the company to get more customers or that I’m helping the company to turn what they do into profit.

To me, marketing is part of who we are and it’s part of everything that’s happening in our lives – marketing is connected to everything. I could have answered the question with a simple; I help people and businesses get what they want. But, it simply isn’t true. Sometimes, I’m the one figuring out what they want.

She finished swimming. We started walking, and I ended up telling her that my job is delivering happiness. I’ve started this year by looking at the small and tiny details that makes up human connections, and how we build strong relationships. I’ve started this year by saying no to boring and I’ve got a new philosophy for living a happy life.

I believe in the details, and that if we are aware of what’s happening around us, and if we’re more aware about how we interact, we’ll be able to build everlasting friendships with customers and we’ll discover that by focusing on the tiny details, we’ll turn customers into raving fans.

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