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Microsoft not buying Opera, or…

First there was a rumor about Google buying Opera. Now there is another rumor about Microsoft buying Opera. According to many sites, this is not true. I really hope it´s not true. Opera might be the only well-known company in Norway, at least regarding Internet. If this company was sold, we wouldn´t have anything left, other than Oil and fish.

If the rumors were true, according to Mister Snitch, it would be three reasons why Microsoft would be Opera:

1. Eliminate competition
2. Establish a transition to a truly standards-compliant browser
3. Buy something before Google or Yahoo does.

Opera is truly a great browser and I believe that it´s only a question of time before some big international company will buy them. But I hope I am not right, we need Opera (as a competitor to IE, Safari and Firefox) and Norway needs Opera.

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