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Meshfire is the future of Twitter

I have been using Twitter for a long time, and I’ve recently stated that Twitter is my favorite social media. I’m not going to tell you all the reasons again, instead, I’ll be telling you about the latest system I’m using. I’ve just upgraded to the paid version, after testing the free trial.


The system is Meshfire, and it’s by far the most interesting social media system I’ve ever tried. At the moment, it’s only for Twitter. I’m not sure what the future will bring, but my guess is that they’ll be working on something awesome for other social media platforms as well.

The reason Meshfire is different and the reason I just had to upgrade, is because I finally feel that I have 100% controlย of what I’m doing on Twitter. It’s not just the replies and the retweets, but I am now tracking keywords and I’m seeing the trends on Twitter in a brand new perspective. And, I am working with teams.

Let me explain.

Tasks and missions

Meshfire has turned Twitter into a dashboard of tasks. When I log in, I have a list of tasks that I need to do. The tasks can be to reply to different tweets, or to block someone or follow someone. I keep doing the tasks, until I’m finished. That’s how I like to work, and that’s how Meshfire is working.

Every twitter account is a mission inside Meshfire, and every mission has a goal. You define the mission. That makes sense, and it makes it so much easier to do the tasks and to follow the progress, and to understand that we’re actually moving forward.

Virtual assistant

I have a virtual assistant inside Meshfire, her name is Ember, and she provides me with relevant content. She’s not a real person. She’s part of the system, and she tells me what content I need to take a closer look at, based on what she believes I’m interested in. And, it works. She’s actually a virtual team member.


Now, the next step is to start working with teams. I’ve tried that in other systems, but it was always a paid option. Every single member of my team had to pay to be able to join. It’s different with Meshfire. I’ve upgraded to Social Pro, and that means that I can have teams of any size, and any team member is completely free.

13 responses to “Meshfire is the future of Twitter”

  1. Amber Osborne says:

    I just want to say “Wow!” and thank you for the great article. Twitter has been one of my favorite social networks for years too. The CEO Eli and I always thought, “there must be a better way to manage Twitter!”. This is how Meshfire came to be. Actually, Eli and I met on Twitter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much for your support and for being a true firestarter!

    • Hi Amber,

      Thank you for your kind words. Meshfire is awesome. I’ve tested many “similar” tools, but I just had to upgrade, because even though Meshfire is managing my twitter account, it’s totally different from the other tools I’ve tried. I feel that I’m in control with Meshfire, and that I’m moving forward with my marketing, it’s progress and I keep improving my conversations and engaging with people.

      Thank you!


  2. Hi Jens,

    That’s interesting indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Never heard of Meshfire earlier, and it sounds something like a more focused version of Hootesuite though mainly working only for Twitter as you mentioned. So I guess you must hardly be visiting your Twitter profile online any longer with this new discovery now!

    I like Ember most of all! She does sound almost like a real VA, how cool is that! I would surely have a look at it, though I still have to figure out Hootesuite fully as I just use it for a very things and wonder if I can handle another one.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Harleena,

      Meshfire is a very interesting method of using Twitter. As for now, it’s only Twitter, but it seems that they’re working on adding more social media platforms in the future. I understand that you’re using Hootsuite, it’s a great tool and it’s cheap/free as well.

      Ember is one of the reasons why I decided to upgrade. The VA tells me “exactly” what I should be focusing on, and that’s great. It’s so much noise to get through, and I need to be focused when I’m on social media ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Eli Israel says:

    Thank you! As Amber said, this is exactly what we hoped to do when we first set out and we really appreciate your kind comments.


  4. Jeseph Meyers says:

    Looks interesting, at a glance the interface looks somewhat cluttered but from your explanation I’m hoping that is just a learning curve. I’m always on the look out for a tool that helps to monitor keywords while cutting through spammy noise.

    I’ll definitely be checking this out, thanks!

    • Hi Jeseph,

      It might look cluttered, just by looking at it, but once you start using it, it’s everything but cluttered. It’s very easy to use and you understand exactly how you should be using it, just by reading a few sentences. Now, what I do, is to finish my tasks every day, and that’s about it. Meshfire will keep adding new tasks to me, so the next day, I’ll just keep doing what my VA tells me ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Jens, nice find! I love my hootsuite but know that being open is prospering. Twitter is also my fave platform; have to hop on this and learn more about Meshfire too. Thanks dude, appreciate it!

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’ve been using Hootsuite as well, but Meshfire is different. So far, I haven’t found anything that’s actually identical to it and I really enjoy the way they’ve done things. You should test the free trial.


  6. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    I’m never heard of this program before but you know how much I love Twitter too. I know I could be using so much better than I am right now but this year has just been a weird start too so I’m not quite up to par with everything I have going on right now.

    How long does the trial last if you don’t mind me asking? Sometimes it takes me a little while to get comfortable with stuff so when they’re just a few days that’s usually not enough time for me. Might have to give it a spin though so thanks for sharing this with us. Great job.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Meshfire is different and awesome. That’s why I decided to upgrade, and Tim Bonner recommended it to me, so he’s been using it for a much longer time than me. I don’t remember how long the free trial last, but it was either 14 days or 30 days, I think ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have a great day Adrienne.


  7. Stewart Rogers says:

    Super write-up Jens-Petter.

    As a Meshfire user myself, I’ve been pretty blown away by the product and really like what it does. It’s a little like having a virtual PA for your Twitter feed to help you spot the important things and act upon them.

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