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Measure the number of smiles you get

I remember the touch of his magic hands, and the smile; sometimes what you remember are the small details. You remember how it smelled, and how clean the toilet was. How he opened the door for you when you arrived. The small details alone, can provide huge results.

The smile, let’s call it, marketing with a smile, is how most people should remember you. No matter what else, if you make people feel good, you’ve accomplished something that most businesses can’t. If you look for the opportunity to WOW-your-customers, and go the extra mile, that’s when the relationship to your customer will change.

Long term effects

How far into the future are you are your goals? 5,10, 15 years? I believe that you should have a goal for your business, and you should have goals for each customer. For each customer, your goal should be to keep the customer for life. That’s not 5, 10, 15 years in most cases, but it might be 40+ years.

If you give the customer a discount, or you add extra service for free, don’t think that you’ll lose money today, or that it might be a long time until that specific customer will earn you money. Instead, think what’ll this do in the long run for your relationship to that customer. Always make your customers smile.

Giving is the new selling

I have written about the power of no; how saying no to other people will help you reach your goals. You should only say yes, when saying yes is part of your strategy. As part of your business, you want a yes every single time, that means doing making your customers feel great when they’re around you, and when they’re thinking about you.

Giving is an important part of your strategy. Don’t hide your secrets. Tell the world what you’re doing. Teach your customers what you’re doing, all the time. It’s one of the reasons why I switched commenting systems on my blog to Disqus, I wanted to be able to focus on the conversation and provide the extra details.

Start by giving a smile.

If you give, people will end up not just smiling back at you, but they’ll end up buying from you.

Measure success

Measuring success should be an important part of your strategy. I have written about how you measure success on Facebook, but it’s not just about social media. How do you measure success in all parts of your business? I would say, measure how many smiles you get from your customers every day. Measure the thank you, and the positive feedback you get.

A smile is worth a lot of money in the long run.

6 responses to “Measure the number of smiles you get”

  1. Smiles are gold. Even if you don’t get new business that day, you have made someone happy. Chances are that prospective customer will remember the person who made them smile.

    • That’s exactly it. I always remember the people who make me feel good. Like you said, you might not get business right away, but they’ll remember you and you’ll get something good coming your way.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    The first thing I thought of was my big old smile in the header of my blog. People remember me because of my smile and so many people tell me that when they land on my blog they can’t help but smile before they even get started.

    You’re right though, it’s not just about the sale but how special you can make your customers feel. If you can do a little something for them then they’ll remember you and that goes so much further. Do it with a smile and that’s even better!


  3. Matthew Hall says:

    “Giving is the New Selling.”

    Yes. I love the wording here. Giving implies genuine service and offering something that will surprise and delight customers. It’s worlds away from the cynical, “let’s force loyalty from potential customers and satisfy their greed in a way that benefits us” attitude many marketers have.

    Delivering a daily smile is a wonderful goal to work towards, one I’ll keep in mind when I’m writing my next article. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Matthew,

      It’s so much easier to have a clear focus, and one that works, when what you need to do is to keep people smiling. It’s easy to measure and in the end, I believe that a smile will turn into business.

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