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a Marketing Trick for Bloggers

Itīs a rather easy trick and itīs also sort of obvious, but a lot of people are not doing it. I havenīt been doing it for long, but I realized a few months ago that itīs a really smart way to monetize my blog. What I am talking about is that I have started to edit my most popular posts.

What I am doing is this; I look at my stats and find that some posts get a lot of traffic. It can be posts that has nothing to do with my blog really and it can be posts that I donīt find that good or interesting, but they are driving traffic to my blog.

Instead of just keeping the old post as it was when I first published it, I update it with new text and sometimes with affiliate links. For instance, today I update a post about the incredible singer Paul Potts. I just put in one sentence at the top with the words: You can order it today: Paul Potts: One Chance.

For all the people coming to read this article about Paul Potts, they will also see that they can buy the cd from Amazon and if they do, I will earn money. I think that this is an important way to use your content, look at the stats and find out why visitors are coming to your blog, and when they come to some posts, do something about them to make them stay at your blog or give them something they might be interesting to buy.

But there is one thing that I have been thinking about since I started to apply this marketing technique. The posts that are ranked high at Google, what will happen to them after I have been editing them, can they lose their good ranking because of the one new sentence that I added? If so, is it worth adding the affiliate link?

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