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A marketing strategy for discotheques

I live in a small town in Norway. It’s a town without much to do, but when it comes to marketing, I have found one interesting thing during the past weeks.

We have two nightclubs or discotheques, places where people go to in order to have fun and to dance.

What’s interesting with one of the discos, is that they are testing a new marketing strategy. They are using a coherent beam of light straight up at the sky. Close to every person living in the town can see it at the sky, going back and forth.

This “lasershow” will appear every night when the discotheque is open, and people will be reminded when they look at the sky.

I am not sure if they attract more people by doing this, but it sure is an interesting way to advertise that they are open.

I always remember it when I see the light, but I never end up going…

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