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Marketing Strategies – Time Challenge

I challenged 10 top Internet Marketers to earn more money than me advertising Affiliate Silver Bullet in 48 hours, would you like to see the results and know the exact strategy I used to win it all?

Image: Animatrix by Dioboss

Well, I didn’t do any of this, it was just to prove my point about this marketing strategy.

No matter what topic you are involved in, you can use this strategy. You can challenge a number of experts in your topic and tell your readers what happened when you challenged them to do something in a certain amount of minutes/hours/days or months.

This strategy will make your readers become very curious and they will just love to know the exact strategies these experts used to get the benefit that your readers would like to get their hands on quickly.

You could compile the results of your challenge and document how the experts did it in an information product format. You could sell it or use it as a bonus for a related product.

As I said above, this is a technique that you can use on any topic. I related it to Internet Marketing, but you could use it on health related issues, environmental issues, food related issues or any issue at all. Just use your imagination.

Instead of just using regular text and images, you could use video to record the challenge, or you could use audio (make a podcast).

Since I am writing about Internet Marketing, I have a few tips on time challenges that you could try:

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