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Marketing Strategies – Old but New

Image: Old and busted. New hotness. By Siebuhr.

The old but new marketing strategy is really about how to make an interesting sale, a way to give discount on your products, and a way to persuade people to buy your old products.

This marketing strategy is really “hot” when it comes to physical products. I bet you see it every time you enter a store. They are selling older physical products that have not sold out for a lower than normal price.

In order to sell physical products using the old but new strategy, you can tell your customers that the products consists of returned products that were only used once, or products that fell off the shelves and which might have small scratches or dents, or products that didn’t sell out for whatever reason you might think of.

You should guarantee that they will all work like new. If you do that, it would be a lot easier to sell them.

When it comes to virtual products, like information products, how can you apply this marketing strategy?

From what I have seen, there are three ways most Internet marketers are using this marketing strategy:

If you have one or several “old” products, you can join partners and give them away. This way you either earn money from a backoffer or you can build a larger e-mail list.

If you have more than one “old” product, you can bundle the products and sell them to a reduced price alltogether.

When you launch a new product, you can use “old” products as a free bonus for your customers. This might help to persuade your visitors to buy your new product.

Can you think of any other creative ways to sell your “old” products?

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