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Marketing By Sharing Personal Details

Russell Brunson and Matt Bacak are just two examples of well-known marketers, who are earning a fairly nice income online. They are also living proof of something I thought would never happen, at least that’s what my teachers told me a few years ago.

Let me tell you about an interesting development when it comes to visibility on the Internet. You might not think about it, it probably depends on how old you are, because when I became familiar with the Internet, and especially during the early years of my online presence, this was a big issue.

I am talking about sharing personal details.

A few years ago, when I first started teaching teachers about how to use content management systems to publish content on the Internet, I was asked that the names of the authors of the content should be hidden.

Many of the teachers didn’t want any personal information visible on the Internet, because if it was visible, people could take advantage of the information. It was sort of like identity theft. If someone read their names, if they found some of their personal information, they were afraid of what they would do with the information.

The same applied to images. They didn’t want any pictures on the Internet, because pictures could be manipulated. And pictures could be downloaded and who knows where the pictures could end up?

The same goes for many of my earlier teachers. Internet was all about information, but when it comes to personal information, it should never be published. Hide everything about you.

The trend today, seems to be exactly the opposite.

More and more people are using social media sites, like twitter and facebook, sharing personal details that they wouldn’t have shared with their best friends a few years ago. The development is going fast.

As I mentioned, Internet marketers are also using this technique. It seems that the more personal information they share, the more people will trust them. The more people that trust, the more people will buy. Trust is important, I remember this from reading the famous book by Francis Fukuyama.

Russell Brunson and Matt Bacak, just two of many examples, are sharing pictures of their family and personal details, with all their followers on twitter and facebook.They are publishing stuff about their birthdays, Matt Bacak’s mom even published a message about her son, who knows what else they are sharing. It’s all in the name of earning money. It’s a marketing strategy, and it’s working.

Looking back at my experiences in life, I always end up thinking – “I guess I am getting old fast”.

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